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Founders note

In 1992 my father sent me to VR Iyer Gymnasium on MG Road Thrissur. I used to go there every day without knowing head & tail of what I was going for. For many years I practiced yoga without knowing what it was doing for me. I was more interested in Asanas & twisted poses. Slowly I started realising that twisted poses are only the beginning & that's not all. With continuous practice I started realising the importance of breath, slowing down the practice, importance of quality of poses, focus on mind balance etc. That's when I realised how continuous practice of anything unfolds the secrets and essence of the underlying concepts. The subtle points of asana, breath control and mind presence started appearing in front of me one by one.

About us

Word “YOGA” originates from the Sanskrit word “YUJ” which means union or togetherness.  This means the union of self with the universe. Yoga concepts are simple, universal &  available to all.

6AMYOGA wishes to keep it straightforward. If you are looking for immediate & dramatic benefits from the practice of YOGA, probably this is not the right place for you.

First and foremost you cannot do yoga. Yoga can only be lived thru. A person who steps out after an hour of Asana practice and drives his car rashly on the road is missing the concept

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of YOGA.

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We at 6AMYOGA do not compromise on quality. All our teachers are certified from renowned universities, quality council of India & other top notch institutes. Our institute being affiliated to VYASA University, it is our continuous endeavor to ensure that our faculty has all the expertise required to guide students thru the right path at the correct pace. You are in the right leadership.


Lead Teacher



Yoga Teacher

Certified yoga teacher

Vatsala Singh


Msc - Yogic Sciences


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Now practice watching this video online – August 2019 https://6amyoga.vod.media


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